The Stratoshield "Hose to the Sky" Could Reverse Global Warming

Introducing the StratoShield

By PABLOS | Published: OCTOBER 21, 2009

We’ve been working on some ideas related to climate change, as a kind of backup plan in case human effort to curb emissions don’t succeed fast enough to prevent devastating ecological damage. One of the ideas that has captured our imagination is replicating the way volcanoes have at times brought down the temperature of the planet by erupting sulfur dioxide particles up into the stratosphere. We’ve invented a “hose to the sky” we call the StratoShield, which is a comparatively cost effective way to do this. The invention is profiled in SuperFreakonomics and we’re hoping to have some scientific discussion about its potential.

For the first time we’ve got some technical details to share publicly. Please take a look at this StratoShield White Paper if you’d like to know more.

YouTube Video: The Stratoshield “Hose to the Sky” Could Reverse Global Warming [HD quality m4v.]



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  2. sulfuric acid added to acid rain added to the ocean = more plant destruction. not a good idea.
    what about water? instead white clouds of ice up there would be nice to look at too. keeping it warm so it does not freeze well that is your problem. After all the whole solar system is getting warmer not just the earth.

    Have a nice day

    later charles


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